Camp Wakonda

W8368 County Rd. E
Oxford, WI 53952
(920) 484-6555 x316
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Description and Local Attractions

There is a new policy in place to insure workplace safety prior to camp meeting. If you arrive and stay on the grounds prior to Thursday evening you will be charged an additional $50/night. If you wish to drop off your trailer or RV early you may do so without the additional charge.

Located at W8368 County Road E near Westfield, WI 53952

Events and Activities

For information regarding Hispanic Camp Meeting please contact Noemi Miranda at

Due to demand and limited sites, we are now maintaining Full Service sub-let and assignment waiting lists.  If you wish to be on either or both waiting lists please let us know.

Camp Meeting 2017 is June 16th thru June 25th.

Camp Meeting 2018 is June 15th thru June 24th.

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